Forthcoming. ‘Consciousness and the Collapse of the Wave Function’, in Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness, Gao, S. (ed.) Oxford University Press (with David Chalmers).

Forthcoming. ‘In Defence of the Self-Location Uncertainty Account of Probability in the Many Worlds Interpretation’, Studies in the History & Philosophy of Modern Physics (with Lev Vaidman).
Published version, Preprint

Forthcoming. ‘Illusionist Integrated Information Theory’, Journal of Consciousness Studies.

2019. ‘Interpretation-Neutral Integrated Information Theory’, Journal of Consciousness Studies 26(1-2): 76-106.
Published versionPreprint

2018. ‘Two Flavours of Mathematical Explanation’, in Explanation Beyond Causation, Reutlinger, A. & Saatsi. J. (eds) Oxford University Press (with Mark Colyvan and John Cusbert).
Published version, Preprint

2016. ‘Tests for Intrinsicness Tested’, Philosophical Studies 173: 2935-2950 (with René van Woudenberg).
Published version, PDF

2015. ‘Four Tails Problems for Dynamical Collapse Theories’, Studies in the History & Philosophy of Modern Physics 49: 10-18.
Published version, Preprint

2015. ‘Mass Additivity and A Priori Entailment’, Synthese 192(5):1373-1392.
Published version, Preprint

2013. ‘Epistemic Two-Dimensionalism and Arguments from Epistemic Misclassification’, Australasian Journal of Philosophy 91 (2):375-389 (with Edward Elliott and Clas Weber).
Published version, Preprint

Book Reviews

2017. ‘Is QBism the Future of Quantum Physics?’, The Quantum Times (July edition, 2017).
Published version, Preprint

2016. ‘Physical Realization’, The Philosophical Quarterly, 66 (263): 417420.
Published version, PDF

In Preparation

‘How the Many Worlds Interpretation brings Common Sense to Paradoxical Quantum Experiments’ (with Lev Vaidman)

‘Zeno goes to Copenhagen: a Dilemma for Measurement-Collapse Interpretations’ (with David Chalmers)

‘Does the Many Worlds Interpretation Violate Local Causality?’ (with Mordecai Waegell)

‘IIT and mereology’ (with Nao Tsuchiya)

‘Historical Precedents to the Hard Problem of Consciousness in Biology and Physics’

PhD thesis

A Priori Entailment and the Metaphysics of Science


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